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ETS Publishing launched its first children's book, Thisbe's Promise, in October of 2008. As a "boutique book," Thisbe's Promise is available in many select independent bookstores and unique children's boutiques across the country, as well as abroad. We encourage you to browse through each page on our site and follow the links. Learn about Thisbe and her brother Noah's story, how this book came to be and much more. You can also purchase a copy of Thisbe's Promise on this site!

Read on about the unique interaction found within the pages of Thisbe's Promise :

"It is an experience in love when
a mother reads the first line, 'You are my tide,'
and her child reads the next, 'And I am your powerful little sucker.'
I have witnessed it, and it takes my breath away."

                                                                      - Author, Laurian Scott

Thisbe's Promise
is a picture book unlike any other. It is a "SHOW and Tell" book of love for mothers and children everywhere. What is even more amazing is that it grows with the child. Four-year-olds find their own jubilant intrigue in the mystery of what each animal or object is "born with." Then, as the book becomes more familiar, or as older children read it again, they find that the challenge in the "poem page" not only turns on a light bulb in their beautifully developing minds (as one little boy so eloquently put, "I get it!!!.") but it also becomes a loving interaction between mother and child.

It is remarkable to see the variance in purpose that this book has offered to so many people of all walks of life, old and young, healthy and sick. People buy Thisbe's Promise as gifts for newborns, christenings, Mother's Day, birthdays, teachers, school and public libraries, children with terminal diseases or disabilities (to name a few), as well as for themselves - making it a cherished part of their own child's story time.

Read an excerpt from Thisbe's Promise below:

    Then, just on the horizon,
   Thisbe's mother pointed to a starfish
    on the seashore, clinging tightly
                                                    to a rock.

                  "Do you see that starfish?"
Thisbe's mother.

                                             "That starfish was born with

Because it was promised the tide."


Little Thisbe (thiz’be)  adores animals of all kinds.  Going to the zoo is one of her favorite pastimes, but Thisbe has been very sick for a long time.     Eventually, she is confined to her bed, unable to take trips to see her animal friends – unable to take trips anywhere, for that matter. That is, until Thisbe’s mother shows her the magical view outside her bedroom window, opening up the walls that seem to confine her.

Soft, imaginative illustrations take the reader soaring across hills, valleys, and oceans, capturing the power of a mother’s love and a mother’s desire to keep every promise.

32 Page Picture Book
$16.99 U.S.

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