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Laurian Scott says she is "first and foremost, always and forever, wife to John and mother to five beautiful children, Aslan, Thisbe, Noah, Hattie and Ovid."  She received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism from The University of Mississippi. Formerly a copywriter, freelance writer, and story analyst for feature films, Laurian was attending The University of Mississippi for her Masters in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing, when she met her husband. Within months, she joined him in Phoenix and continued her masters studies at Arizona State University.

Counted among such notables as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Maya Angelou and Deepak Chopra, an interview with Laurian was featured in Elise Ballard's book Epiphany (, published in 2011. Today, she makes public speaking engagements across the country on behalf of her family's foundation, The Olive Branch Fund: A Thisbe and Noah Scott Legacy, including keynote and closing speaking engagements in healthcare forums. She also acts as the international spokesperson for BVVL International, including advocating for affected BVVL and Fazio-Londe families as the Director of Patient Outreach.

Laurian continues to travel the country reading and signing Thisbe's Promise for retailers around the U.S., not to mention schools, fundraisers, churches and a host of other venues. Even more fervently, Laurian admits she embarks continuously on a journey within herself, in search of that perfect book worthy of honoring Noah, "my beautiful, dimpled cherub - my son."

Laurian now lives with her family in Tennessee, on a small farm with “Whale,” the ever-sweet horse; “Poco Penguin,” the bad horse;  “George,” the real bad donkey;  "Birdie," the goat who bites with good intention; “Faith,” the goat who thinks she’s a dog; “Panga,” who is a dog (a bad dog, of course); "Miss Ele Fant," notoriously the best of all cat hunters; "Jimmy Dean," Miss Ele's fat brother who only has eyes for Panga ; "Fergie," "Rihanna," "Arizona," and eleven other character-worthy chickens...but most overwhelmingly, they each live with the memory of Thisbe and Noah, who are constantly in their hearts and on their minds.


    Aslan and Mom
    Thisbe and Mom  Noah and Mom      

Mom and Dad   

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