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Get Involved!

Host an ETS Party at your home, local coffee shop, church, school, community fair, etc.,         Get creative, get philanthropic, and have fun.

  • Your ETS Party can be of your own making. Here are just a few ideas: Have a Mother's Night Out at your home with drinks and hors d’oeuvres; Gather families together on a Saturday at a local coffee shop for a reading (while also boosting the sales of a neighborhood store); Have a Mother's Morning In for brunch with a reading and playtime.
  • You can also host an ETS Party solely for charitable purposes (or you can do a mixture of both). For those who want to purchase a book for donation to the charity you've chosen for your party (i.e. your local children’s hospice, hospital, children's home, etc.), we will provide "Donated By" stickers for the inside covers, where adults and children can sign their names to the charity you've chosen. 
  • Yet another philanthropic idea: Call your local children’s hospital and see if you can organize “Thisbe’s Time:” a time for reading your favorites and sharing Thisbe’s Promise with those families in need of hope and encouragement. You can even read in two languages! Browse through a sign language book and learn a few animal signs to throw in as you read along. Noah and Thisbe both loved to sign, and animal signs were Thisbe’s favorite. It’s bound to be a hit. And this could be the venue where you hand out the donated books from your event.
  • The possibilities for helping others, boosting your own household economy (even if only on a minor scale) and helping other local stores sales with your venue choice...the avenues are endless.

Click here for the ETS Party Checklist.

Please let us know if you are planning to host an ETS Party or charitable event with Thisbe’s Promise, as the author and/or illustrator may be available for a reading and signing at your venue. Contact info@etspublishinghouse for more information.

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